All over the world, hair transplantation and plastic surgery, are receiving more and more attention. Our initiatives as the Esteday family have only one goal to see our patient's happiness. In order to obtain this, our main philosophy is to adhere to moral values, to follow the latest technological and scientific developments. We communicate with our patients in a realistic, transparent and positive way, not only during the preoperative planning stage but also during the postoperative healing process.

It is our main aim to collaborate with our patients to achieve the anticipated results, to clearly understand their problems , and to determine their expectations. We follow the "Primum non nocere" ("First, do not harm") principle, which constitutes the main philosophy of medicine. Hence, we clearly express this to patients who are not suitable for a hair transplantation.

Our actions are never based on commercial concerns. Our main aim is the happiness of our patients. Therefore, we use only the latest surgical and technological instruments We discuss the procedure in detail with our patients, and we encourage them to research scientific methods and practices that are at the same time ethically and morally acceptable

Our Vision

We strive to grow into an insitution, which will be the first choice for hair transplantation and plastic surgery in Turkey.

Our Mission

Offering, together with our highly qualified personnel, a luxurious and safe health service to our patients and to attain the expected results by using the latest technology.

Our Viewpoint

All over the world, hair transplantation and plastic surgery are receiving more and more attention Our aim as Esteday family is to see our patients happy. For this, we are in the pursuit of offering an ultra-luxurious and safe health service by following the latest technological developments and scientific methods. We to observe all the principles of medicine being scientific data, hygiene, and treatment. This is what renders the Esteday family different.

We treat our patients in a positively, transparently and realistic way. It is our main aim to collaborate with our patients to achieve the anticipated results, to clearly understand their problems , and to determine their expectations. Our actions are never based on commercial concerns. The most valuable thing for us is the expression of joy on your face after a hair transplantation or plastic surgery.

Why Esteday?

The Esteday family has been working with highly qualified and experienced specialists both in the fields of hair transplantation and plastic surgery. The advantage of working with the same team for long years is extended to our guests. We offer you quality and customer satisfaction.

Hair transplantation is a medical surgery requiring creative skills, because natural appearance is what matters most. Hair transplantation is a process that has to be tailored to the individual so that the result suits the face. Naturalness is what we offer our dear guests.

The attention and service you will receive will not be limited to the preoperative time and the surgery itself but will continue afterwards as well. We work in a trustworthy and hygienic atmosphere, using the lastest technologically advanced equipment to offer you a satisfactory health service.

Compared to other hair transplantation centers all over the world, we offer hair transplantations for 50 % cheaper, thus presenting you with a high quality service that is affordable.

We look after you and ensure that you lack for nothing during your stay. Starting from welcoming you at the airport to your accommodation, and your transfer to the clinic, we will provide you with an unequalled stay.

The Esteday family is looking forward to welcoming you to the clinic, a place offering the highest comfort, following scientific methods and principles and using technologically advanced equipment


Your happiness is of paramount importance to the Esteday family. We lodge our dear guests in one of our 5 star hotel options.


Esteday personnel and VIP vehicles will be waiting at the airport for patients who are coming to Istanbul from domestic or foreign destinations. Our guests will be picked up and taken to their hotels We provide VIP vehicles and interpreters for hotel- hospital or hotel-clinic transfers.

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